Dalung Tells Disqualified Contestants to Channel their Grievances to Appeals Committee

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SOLOMON Dalung, minister of youth and sports, is urging aggrieved contestants at the just concluded National Sports Federations’ Elections to channel their grievances to the Elections Appeals Committee. The minister, who was live on TVC network, said it was not unusual to have complaints and grievances coming in the aftermath of every conduct of an electoral process. He said: “The beauty of it all is that every credible electoral process has room for ventilation of grievances and in anticipating that we were not going to have a perfect situation, adjudicating bodies were also created to listen to complaints arising from these elections. “We should allow the process to terminate and if people don’t get justice they can now say that they were short-changed or that the process was not transparent and credible, but to point accusing fingers at the ministry and create imaginary enemies through distasteful statements is unfair.” Dalung also assured stakeholders that those who were unlawfully disqualified will be given a fair hearing and justice. “I have assured Nigerians of credible elections and all those aggrieved should present their grievances to the Appeals Committee. The Committee is made up of people with experience who will look at these complaints on merit and come up with conclusions. “The only thing I’ll add here is that anyone caught up in the guidelines can never expect anything to be created to accommodate him or her because the guidelines are the ground rules, therefore it is what is going to be used to measure whether somebody was unlawfully disqualified or not even qualified to contest in the first place. All these things will be looked into using the guidelines.” “Those who have moved to the court of public opinion, raising a barrage of allegations and trying not only to discredit the process but smear the integrity of people, I appeal to them that the Appeals Panel is still there. They should take their grievances there and they will get justice,” Dalung said. —  Jul 03, 2017 @ 01:00 GMT  

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