For your daughter to menstruate, she must be disvirgined, doctor tells worried mum

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A doctor has told the worried mother of a teenage girl that the young lady must lose her virginity via a medical procedure that is meant to correct her inability to menstruate. The medical doctor, Chioma, on Twitter on Friday revealed how worried the mother was when she told her that her 17-year-old daughter needed a procedure that involved the breaking of her hymen. The doctor, with Twitter handle @Deekachy_md, started the thread on Twitter, “So Dr, you want to disvirgin my 17yr old Daughter?”and she responded, “”Not really Ma, to treat, we have to break her Hymen. She has IMPERFORATE HYMEN. That’s why she hasn’t menstruated. Absence of Hymen doesn’t make her less a virgin, some are born without.” Apparently, the teenager has what the doctor calls an “imperforate hymen, and needs the hymen to be broken so that the teenager could commence her menstrual period which appears to have been stalled by a lack of passage for blood to flow through. “Madam, on examination, we discovered your daughter has an imperforate hymen. This means the hymen is blocking the vagina completely and so, nothing coming from up can come down, including her menses and Ovulation discharge, hence the fluid collection.” And the mother’s response had been; “Why me? Doc what can cause this? What will people say? So this young girl will just lose her virginity like that?” – Punch – Jul. 20, 2018 @ 14:09 GMT

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